baptism and confirmation

CCC §§ 1312 and 1313 say that a bishop is to bestow confirmation. I went through RCIA and at the Easter Vigil I was baptised by pouring three times. And the priest that did that also confirmed me. I remember him making a plus on my forehead now that would be with chrism oil right? Is this all all right ? I didn’t know a bishop was to do this.


The Bishop may give the authority to a priest to confirm.

Extract from the link below about Confirmation.

Normally, only the bishop confirms the Catholics in his diocese. However, priests can be delegated to confirm adult converts from other religions when they’re brought into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil and they’ve attended the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program in the parish. Non-Catholics who are interested in the Catholic faith and converting to Catholicism attend RCIA classes.

Your bishop gave the authority (not permanently, but for that occasion) and gave your priest the Chrism to use, after consecrating it himself.

I, also, was confirmed by my Priest. And the power of the Holy Spirit to be Christ’s witness has not been lacking, but is full, as if Peter himself had laid hands on me.

The code of Canon law is clear that Law gives the priest who baptizes an adult convert or receives one into full communion the power to confirm him/her:

Can. 883 The following possess the faculty of administering confirmation by the law itself:

1/ within the boundaries of their jurisdiction, those who are equivalent in law to a diocesan bishop;

2/ as regards the person in question, the presbyter who by virtue of office or mandate of the diocesan bishop baptizes one who is no longer an infant or admits one already baptized into the full communion of the Catholic Church.

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