Baptism and Discernment age


My grandson age six was never baptized.
My son now wants him to be baptized but he will be seven in February
What would change when he turned 7
Would he have to attend CCD before he is baptised


First, talk to the pastor.

Objectively speaking, once he turns 7, the proper thing is that he would be enrolled in RCIA as a catechumen; that means baptized at the Easter Vigil, etc. That’s what would change when he actually turns 7.

That’s the objective answer. There is some room for making adjustments though.

Since he’s not yet 7, it would still be acceptable for the pastor to baptize him now (as an infant, technically) and then he could simply join with others of his age group and follow the typical schedule.

It’s a matter of talking to the pastor and working with him to fit your grandson into the overall program in a way that works best for him.


In addition to Fr. David’s excellent answer, I would add this.

Your grandson should be in CCD or receiving some type of faith formation anyway! He should also be attending Mass and participating in other activities.

What we’ve generally found with children who weren’t baptized as babies is that we need to do a lot of outreach with their parents as well. This may not be the case with your son, but often these are parents who have been away from the Church and may not have a very positive relationship with the Church. We try to encourage them in their faith development as well.


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