Baptism and First Communion


Hello everyone, I have questions regarding these two sacraments. When I was baptised I was around 12 years old and I do not remember if I even wanted it, it’s possible that I was an atheist at the time and only did it because my mother insisted. Does this make my baptism invalid? Should it be repeated? Also, I spit out the Host after my First Communion (long story, was not trying to insult anyone in any way), what about that one? Does it have to be repeated? I wish to be Christian/Catholic now but I want to make sure everything was done properly before I ask anyone about Confirmation. Thank you.



No. It cannot be repeated.

No. “First” communion is simply the first time you receive communion. It is not some sort of special sacrament in and of itself.

The best person to talk to is your pastor.


The most important thing is that if you desire to give yourself to God, that God is waiting with open arms to receive you. Don’t let any fear of the past or bitterness hold you back. Speak to your Pastor or another Priest. Speak with your RCIA or adult formation director.

There is not a single one of us that isn’t broken somehow or have a regret or burden that we have carried. Christ didn’t come to save the perfect, he came for the hurting, the sick and the sinner.

Welcome home! I hope that you do make your confirmation.


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