Baptism by Fire

Sometimes I ponder.

Do you think that ignoring/not-living-up-to our baptism of fire is like denying the Holy Spirit?

You mean confirmation? How are we not living up to it, as you see it?

**No idea what you mean by “baptism of fire”, but three sins against the Holy Spirit that “may” apply to your definition are:

  1. Resisting truths that have been made known to us.
  2. Stubborness in sin
  3. Final obstancy in ones sins.**

Hmmm… perhaps he’s a Mormon or a Charismatic? :shrug:

I had a [edited] Fundamentalist ask me if I’ve been baptized in fire.

I looked it up and from what I can tell, to her it meant that I’ve felt the HS fill my soul.

I did have a unique experience at a WYD where I would definitely say that I felt the HS enter my soul. That’s when I knew that the church was the bride.

I described it to her and she agreed that I’ve been baptized by fire. It sounds like a sacrament to her [edited] Fundamentalist type of belief.

a fundy? Thought we weren’t supposed to call names?

It’s not a “name” as you call it. It’s a short form.

Actually, it’s in this list from the Forum Administrator and isn’t supposed to be used.
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Oh really read rule # 6 and it is not allowed. So wrong you are.:eek:

I didn’t read that post because the topic of the that thread is topics. My topic surely can’t be banned, so it doesn’t apply. A more accurate, and on-topic title would be “banned language”.

But I will edit my post nonetheless.

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To answer the question. Most people say “Fire” is feeling the holy spirit move inside of you. So to feel the closeness of Jesus and God is the ‘fire’.

[edited] I think they’re into heavily into adult baptism, then baptism by fire. Most likely they’re Sola Scripturists too, possibly hardcore.

And most of us are really good people who love, Jesus ,study the Bible, go to church regularally,

So, you had a conversion experience. God expects you to continue to be faithful to Him. I don’t think our everyday failures and/or sins mean we are denying the Holy Spirit, except in the sense that we are failing to allow Him full control of our lives. This is something we need to work on for our whole lives. This is what the saints were doing and we need to try for it too.

Now, if we turn our backs on God and absolutely refuse to follow Him, perhaps then we are denying Him. But He keeps calling us back to Him as long as we live.

The important thing isn’t our one-time experience but our life following that experience.

Yes, that’s the important thing, loving God and trying to follow wherever He leads us. God is very good and patient with us. (Slow to anger, rich in mercy.)

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