Baptism cert not stamped

My daughter has been baptised last week her baptism certificate was wrong (Date of birth wrong) so we were given another one. But this one hasn’t got the embossed parish stamp on it like the first one. Does this matter? That it’s only signed by the priest but doesn’t have the parish stamp ? I’ve left the priest a voicemail but he is impossible to get hold of and I feel like I’m pestering him.

Take it to the parish office and ask them to emboss it…but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

The copy you were given is a keepsake. If you want it stamped, simply go by the Office during business hours.

When she needs an official copy of her Sacramental records, (well, next time won’t be until she is Confirmed) you will need a new copy (unless you still attend the same parish where she was baptized).

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