Baptism Certificate


My name is Michael and my fiance and I are the God parents to my niece who’s getting baptised on Saturday. I was wondering if I would be able to put my fiances future last name on the certificate, we are getting married in 26 days. Any one have any answers? I don’t know the legality or if it is a legal document or not.


You have to ask the priest doing the baptism. This is not something that strangers can answer for you.


I understand that i should ask the priest. But there is an answer, this isn’t something that is just up to the priest is it? There are rules, right?


What the priest puts in the register is a snapshot of a moment in time. Just as he can not change the godparents once they have performed their role at the ceremony, neither can he pretend that at the time of the baptism you two were already married.


It seems like she’d put her name as of the date of the baptism on the baptism certificate. But I can’t say for certain.


Thank you all very much for your input, i really do appreciate it.
God bless you all


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