Baptism Concerns


I was Baptized several years ago in a Protestant denomination (Association of Vineyard Church) and I now worry was my Baptism valid. As best as I can remember, it was done in the Trinitarian formula. Obviously, it was done with water. I now worry though that, since the group did believe Baptism was regenerative, did that mean there was a problem with intent?

I should note I am Confirmed into the Catholic Church, so my parish accepted my Baptism as valid, but I still worry–I admit this is a common trope for me: worry (I deal with Scrupulosity issues). Should I worry about this or am I being Scrupulous?


It sounds like you are being scrupulous.

You should trust the priest in your parish who investigated the validity of your baptism. They would not have confirmed you if they thought your baptism was invalid.


I think you are being scrupulous. trust the Church a little more on this. If it is really bothering you, make an appointment with a priest and explain your concern and that it may be scrupoulous, if he could go over the criteria for a valid baptism it may help.

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