Baptism/Confirmation Saint Names

I know there are no official rules for this, but…

If a Saint has more than one name (ie St. Francis Xavier, St. Peter Chrysologus)
how does this fit into one’s name?

Is it “John Joe Francis Doe” or “John Joe Francis Xavier Doe” or John Joe Xavier Doe"?

Are there any guidelines for this at all?

It’s whatever the person chooses (or the parents choose in the case of an infant).

One may pick St. Francis Xavier as his patron for confirmation (for example) and might pick either “Francis” or “Francis Xavier” It’s entirely up to the individual. The only thing that would matter is that he should make his intentions clear to the pastor so that the chosen name appears correctly in the parish registers.

Just to add to FrDavid96’s answer: when I was baptized and confirmed in the Church, I took the name Jude Thaddeus because that’s the full given name of the Saint. I could have chosen “Jude”, or “Thaddeus”, but it’s much more fun to say you have five names (First, middle, saint, saint, Last), then just three or four.:smiley:

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