Baptism Expenses

Is it customary for Godparents to pick up certain baptism expenses? If so, what? My wife and I were recently asked to be Godparents but aren’t sure what we should be taking care of. Thanks in advance.

I am unaware of such a practice. Typically, the parents would buy a small gift for the Godparents and the Godparents would buy something special for the infant. There is no need for a baptism to be expensive. Afterall, the most important thing is that your Godchild has ‘put on Christ’ and parents and Godparents alike have agreed to help the child to learn and practice the Catholic faith.

I suggest you read this article as it may help you out on the topic of Godparents:
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that is a cultural practice, nothing to do with the rite of baptism, having godparents pay some expenses. although it is hard to think what those expenses would be, unless you are talking about a party of some kind, which is incidental to the actual sacrament. Some godparents like to provide the white outfit, which in some cultures can be very elaborate.

Thanks for the help.

The only financial expense attached to being a godparent that I have ever heard of is that godparents usually remember birthdays, Christmas, and milestones in the faith (First Communion, etc.) in a more special way than for other kids in the same family.

In the Chicago area, the godparents used to pick up the tab for the “stole fee” or stipend. This is the offering made to the priest. It is NOT payment for the sacrament. Local custom will tell you how much that is.

In some cultures, the godparents buy the bapitsmal gown.

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