Baptism, first communion, conversion?


I know that a baptism, if done in the right formula, is valid even if done outside the Catholic Church.

Therefore, theoretically if someone had a valid baptism (done at another church, e.g, anglican?) but had a Catholic first communion at the same age as all the other catholic kids, would they be catholic? Why or why not? At what point do they become catholic?


Let me see if I have this correct.

Mr and Mrs Jones have a little child, Bobby. They are Methodists, they have Bobby baptized as an infant.

They join the Catholic Church when Bobby is 2.

Yes, he would simply go along in Religious Ed and prepare for the Sacraments with his peers.

Because Bobby is below the age of reason, he is officially Catholic when his parents convert.

Now, if the parents convert when Bobby is 8, he will have to make a profession of Faith in the Catholic Church himself.


A child is only Catholic if they are being raised in the Faith. If a child is receiving our Eucharist, then they’re supposedly Catholic.


I was baptized in infancy in the Anglican church and had my First Communion in the Catholic Church when I was an adult. AFAIK, it was at that moment that I became a Catholic. Did my age make a difference? I don’t think so, but I’m open to correction.


As @TheLittleLady said, it all depends on how old the child was when he/his family became Catholic. If over the age of reason, the child would have to make a profession of faith.

The easiest way to be certain would e to check the child’s baptismal certificate/sacramental record to see what it shows.


When receiving First Holy communion, children and adults, make a profession of faith and renew their baptismal vows. The profession of faith is the same for children and adults baptised in another church and those baptised Catholic. “I believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God.”


Children “over the age of reason” and adults actually “become” Catholic when they go to receive the Sacrament of Confession but since that is not a public profession, then it is when they make the profession of faith before receiving First Holy Communion.


The reason I ask, is because my mother was baptised Anglican, but went to Catholic schools- When the time came for her year group to make their first communion, a teacher (who was a nun), asked the local Bishop (or archbishop, I’m unsure?) for permission for my mother to receive a Catholic First Communion, and she was granted it, and received it with everyone else. Clearly the bishop/archbishop had legitimate reason for doing this, far be it from me to think I know better than him, but- can anyone clear this up, does this make her technically Catholic?


I would advise her to ask to see the Sacramental Register for the parish where she received FHC, speak with the Pastor and go from there.


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