Baptism Gift for Priest

Our daughter is being baptized on Sunday and the priest is family friend. We would like to get him something - but don’t know what. I thought about something religious - but what would a priest not already have? Would something like a gas GC be inappropriate?

Avoid Bibles, Breviarys’ (especially if your Priest is a Religious Priest, some orders use older Hours), Rosaries etc, the common things, Priests will have copious amounts of these.

Since the Priest is a family friend, you obviously know what he is interested in, get him something along those lines, instead of religious, it shows you put thought in to it, and I dont know what a Gas GC is so i can’t comment on that.

I think a gas gift card would be very appropriate. Or even a dept. store gift card. Priests need socks, undies, etc. just like everyone else.:smiley:

Priests need “basics” socks, shoes etc. Or a gift card to a Grocery Store or Resteraunt. And explain to your Priest as we did with our children. Use it for yourself or give it someone who you know needs the help. It’s very thoughtful of you to think of giving him something to show your appreciation. Thank you for your respect.

When one of the sisters serving our parish celebrated her final vows I gave her a gift card to a local restaurant. She used it to treat herself and another sister to an end of the year lunch. She was quite happy with it.

Since their specialty is religious education, I have also given a gift card to one of the local Catholic book stores.

Our previous pastor always enjoyed a gift card to Starbucks.

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