Baptism Gift?


Ok - I’m good with Confirmation gifts or wedding gifts, or pretty much any other celebration. But when it comes to an infant baptism, I’m just always stumped. I’m sure the child will receive a zillion rosaries and medals, and child bibles.

So - what to give? :shrug:

My step-sister and her husband are Catholic, but I don’t think they go to Mass at all. The baptism is at my Dad’s parish which is no where near where they live, which I thought was strange, but who knows what’s going on with that.

So - any unique ideas? I don’t like doing the usual predictable thing.



A keepsake box? A note to explain that this can be used as a keepsake box for the Baptism, a place to have the gown, candle, certificate and a photo all kept together?


My mom got my son a “children’s rosary” (Big brightly colored beads) which he loves, loves, loves to play with (and chew on…they’re wooden), maybe also a “Saints” book (if the child has a middle or first name related to a saint…even if not intentionally), I like the idea of a keepsake box (and now I think I’ll get one for my son)…these are a little “catholicy” maybe:p , but there ya go!

God bless


A cross with a kneeling child on it, and a small plaque underneath with “Now I lay me down to sleep”?

Or how about a holy water font for the baby’s bedroom? You could include a small bottle of holy water and a written blessing to say over the baby at night.


I like the nite lites that are an angel, Mary etc. always useful. I also like music boxes with lullabies.
Each of my kids got a Beatrix Potter book with stuffed animal because each of their names is a BP character.


**Well, I can tell you what I would have appreciated for our daughter’s baptism…photos. I gave our digital camera to my dad so he could use the “movie mode” and film the ceremony. I saw hubby’s brother with his camera so thought we’d just ask him to email them to us. Turns out he filmed it too. So we don’t have any actual pictures of her baptism:(.

If I were going to a baptism and wanted to give something original then i think I would try to take great pictures and make them an album or frame one very nice one.

Aside from that, I think photo albums/frames, blankets that are personalized, engraved jewelry etc make great gifts if you don’t want to get the typical rosary or crucifix. Basically anything personalized so that even if the baby gets more than one, it’s still special.



I just KNEW you ladies would have wonderful ideas!!! :smiley:

Now I REALLY don’t know what to choose, but at least I have tons of options!

I love the baby rosary, and the keepsake box. Hmmmm - so many wonderful ideas!

Thank you all, and keep them coming, the baptism is not till the end of the month! :smiley:



Believe it or not, my daughter only received one Marian medal. It was given by her Godfather the morning she was to be baptized. We placed it on her handmade (by great-grandmother) baptizemal gown. She has now worn it after she was baptized, for her first reconcilation and for her first communion. In two years she will wear it for her confirmation. If she becomes a sister as she is planning, I hope that she will choose to wear it when she takes her vows.


Love these for gifts.


Maybe a musical statue,3238.htm,7966.htm,520.html


My favorite children’s Baptism gift was a small white child’s bible that was engraved in gold lettering with their full name and the date of their Baptism. Just awesome and practical!!!


A month of Masses said for her? Cant hurt, and no wrapping or gift reciepts.
I’ll bet no one else will do it.


I really like this idea! Any suggestions of an order that does this? I know it’s not exactly something that is easy to do with a neighborhood parish, but some holy orders do this sort of thing.




My parish office is open daily, and they do it in less than a minute or two, I have had many Masses said, so I guess I am lucky!!!

I can ask my Priest about it. If your parish does not do it quick or easy, maybe call the parish of the child. :smiley:


A brown scapular…

I swear I got one when I was baptised because I remember wondering what the heck it was when I was about six but I think its lost :doh2:


Go to your own parish, or I like Missionary Oblates and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary.

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