Baptism/godparent question and situation

situation: sister-in-law (Confirmed but non-practicing for 20+ yrs) is unmarried and lived with father (Catholic but not sure if he was ever Confirmed and is non-practicing) of her daughter for 21 years. Niece (<daughter of SIL, she is baptized and had First Communion but never Confirmed and never practicing) is living unmarried with the father (non-Catholic) of her new son (great nephew).

She wants the baby baptized. I suspect it is more for the photo op than anything, but she may have a prickle of conscience–who knows?

She asked my husband (her uncle) to be baby’s godfather because he is also her godfather. My husband readily admits tat he has never done anything as far as the responsibilities of a god parent, but he has only lately been a practicing Catholic himself and there has been no family encouragement toward that end. It is a moot point at the moment as I have offended my inlaws yet again (RMES) and am now off the godmother list, but I was also asked to be the baby’s godparent. I am an active Catholic.

Personally I really am not too thrilled to get involved in this drama-filled mess of a family in this capacity. I feel bad for the child, but other than prayers there is really nothing I can do for him. Because there is nothing I would be allowed to do for him. So I am relieved somewhat that right now they all hate me and I do not have that responsibility. BUT there is a chance this will all turn once again to my favor. In which case I will do the right thing and show up at family events with extra gifts and keep my mouth shut and be a good little godmother.

My question is, tho: what chance does this girl have of getting this poor baby baptized under these circumstances when she has not so much as even set foot in the Church or spoken to the priest and has no intention of getting confirmed or married and the baby’s father is not Catholic? Aren’t there proceedures that must take place first?

I do not know that legistics of it, but she needs to contact the priest. I can not see refusing baptizism but there are parental responciblities that go with it and if he feels she can not uphold those he may refuse.

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