Baptism in catholic or csi

Hi i am a catholic and my husband is CSI. Our marriage was in catholic church. Now we are blessed with twins he wants both babies to get baptism in csi church. I have been born and brought up in a orthodox catholic family. I want my kids to be baptised in catholic church. I am scared that this should not make any difference between us and our kids. Is there any way to get baptism in both churches? What is the solution?

What is “CSI Church?”

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Protestant… in India they are separate group called CSI (church of south india)

There is one baptism. A valid baptism has the correct form & matter. For a Christian baptism, the form MUST be “In the name of the Father, the name of the Son, and the name of the Holy Spirit”. The matter must be water, it doesn’t matter that the water is poured or a person is immersed in it.

As a Catholic I would not agree to have my children baptized in any other church except for the Catholic Church.

If you are Catholic and you and your husband were married in a Catholic Church then you should baptize and raise your children in the Catholic Faith. Regardless of what faith your husband practices, when he made the intent to marry you, a Catholic, he would have had to agree to raise your children in the Church.

Not quite correct. The Catholic party has to promise to do their best to raise their children Catholic and this promise has to be made known to the non-Catholic but the non-Catholic does not have promise to raise the children Catholic.


That all depends on when they were married. In the past the non-Catholic party was required to promise to allow the Catholic party to practise their faith, and to allow all children to be baptised and educated as Catholics. However, that does not happen now. What now happens is the Catholic must promise to maintain his/her faith and to do his/her best to ensure the children are baptised in the Catholic Church and receive a Catholic education. The non-Catholic party is to be advised of the promise the Catholic makes but the non-Catholic is not required to make any promises.

I would infer from the context that this couple married under the ‘new rules’. Of course, on here (CAF), the general advice from Catholics is going to be to have the children baptised in the Catholic Church. However, as we’re not there and not involved we can’t know all the intricacies of this couple’s circumstances. I strongly advise the OP to refer this matter to her parish priest (pastor).

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Speak to your priest. He can best counsel you.

Is this in the Anglican Communion?

It includes the Anglicans, Methodists, Presbyterians and others. It’s a bit like the Evangelical Church in Germany which is a federation of Lutheran and Reformed churches.

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