baptism issues

I have a quick question regarding the baptism of my friends child. She wants her son baptised and I am helping to guide her in this process and in faith. However as I have been preparing her for meeting our priest for a talk I asked her a question. She is a single mother with a boyfriend, I understand that it is not unheard of a priest to ask the parent to swear celibacy (this happened to a friend of ours and I fully support it obviously). I knew the answer but asked anyway and she said shed agree to it to the priest with no intention of following it. So what am I to do? Do I pull out of the baptism all together? Do I wait to see if the priest asks the question ad THEN pull out? If he doesn’t ask do I just ignore her obvious intent to lie to the priest? Or do I rat her out?

Just curious as to wether or not I’m over reacting here but I think it’s extremely rude and ungrateful to lie to a priests face…

Thank you for any advice.

Be honest in all you do. You are called to be a light for everyone (the child, their parent, & the Priest).

Keep the disscution going. Just because someone isn’t ready to be obedient right now does not mean they cannot be introduced to Jesus through His apostle (you). Even if the baptism gets put on hold you have still been called to teach this soul about our faith and God. Remember there Iis a white baptism for those who cannot recieve it (ask Priest for more details).

The parents are still growing out of their selfish love and need your guidance, and to be able to see you walk your faith with love, obedience, and integrity. Don’t approah this with fear but rather as a physician bringing a patient to the best doctor in the universe!

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