Baptism of 5 year old daughter

We came from protestant church. Our daughter hasn’t been baptized. She’s in Catholic school and does religion in school. My wife and I are currently attending RCIA classes and have joined the local parish attached to the school.

Do they do the baptism at First Communion or should we ask our priest to baptize her sooner-not-later ? :confused:

Interestingly, she loves Jesus like mad and is upset about not being baptized.

Not sure what route to take here. Any advice (and even prior post links) humbly appreciated. :slight_smile:

She should be Baptized with you at Easter, but receive Communion and Confirmation later. Since you are coming into the Church together as a family, you will be Baptized together.

Talk it over with the pastor of your parish, but my guess is that if you have stable Catholic friend as Godparent, let her to be baptized as soon as possible.

I was baptized in the CC as an infant and my wife was baptized Lutheran so it would only be our daughter getting baptized at Easter.

I suppose I’m a little nervous after reading 1250 and 1261 of the CCC. :o

Oh, since she’s below the age of reason there is no need for a program. There is no PREP/CCD or RCIA for anyone below 7 years old. She can indeed be baptized ASAP. Arrange this with your pastor. Did your pastor tell you to wait?

I haven’t asked our Pastor yet. I will ask him tomorrow evening at RCIA classes.

Thanks a bunch! :smiley:

At age 5, she is still an infant for purposes of baptism. You should have her baptized as soon as possible. She will then continue on with children her age to receive her additional sacraments.

If she reaches the age of reason (approximately 7) and is unbaptized she will need to go through a formal process of conversion, basically RCIA adapted for children. According to the norms, she should then be baptized, confirmed, and communed at Easter Vigil.

Schedule her baptism as soon as possible with your priest.


you don’t say whether or not you are already baptized, but I take it you are and will be received into the Church through a profession of faith, confirmation and first communion. She can be baptized at that time with the infants (under age 7) of other adults entering the church at that time, or simply at the next occasion when the parish baptizes infants. Life will be simpler that way, then she will begin religious instruction and make first communion and confirmation with her peers at the designated age in your diocese.

Welcome HOme!

Your initial interview when you begin your RCIA process should answer these questions related to all your children, spouse etc. make sure the pastor or his delegate does answer all your questions.

Already consulting the CCC!?! Awesome! You will make a wonderful catechist someday (next year).

Welcome home Chris and family!

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