Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Confirmation


We are going to be baptized in the Spirt for the first time this May 9 but we are not yet Confirmed. Is that okay? We’ve been asking to be confirmed for almost 2 years now but I don’t know why we can’t receive it. This week, we are trying to contact the local church for confirmation.

Thank you very much!


I am not sure quite what you are describing. The Sacrament of Confirmation invokes the full indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Some people immediately experience the power and fruits of the Spirit, but for most it is a “gradual unfolding.”

Is the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” you are anticipating being offered by a Catholic church or organization? Charismatics often use the expression to describe the experience of being filled with or touched by the Spirit in a powerful way. In theory this would not be limited to whether or not an individual has already received the sacrament of Confirmation. But it is not, in my experience, something that is “scheduled” - it is something that the Spirit does according to His will and with the cooperation of the believer, not something that someone can demand of Him. . .

Possibly I misunderstand?


I have never heard of this. Then again, I know nothing of the charasmatic wing of the Church. IMHO baptism is baptism - once and forever. You were baptised in the name of the Trinity and baptised with water and the Holy Spirit as Christ commanded.


The Charismatic Renewal is not a “wing” of the Church. It is a movement of the Holy Spirit within the Catholic Church. The term “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” does not refer to a new Sacrament. You are right in saying that we are baptized once in the name of the Trinity. Baptism in the Holy Spirit more precisely refers to a release or activation of the gifts each of us has already received by virtue of our Baptism and Confirmation. It can happen at any time. Most commonly it happens when an individual desiring a closer walk with our Lord is prayed over. One of the outward signs is praying in tongues as the Apostles did at Pentecost.
Does a person need to be confirmed first? Reading the Acts of the Apostles, you will find the story of Peter going to the house of Nicodemus. While with Nicodemus, the Holy Spirit falls upon Nicodemus who begins to pray in tongues. The simple answer, therefore, is no a person need not be confirmed before experiencing the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is after the Holy Spirit falls upon Nicodemus that Peter baptizes him.
The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is not always a dramatic event accompanied by outward signs such as praying in tongues. For some people the change is much more subtle, a deeper more profound love for the Sacraments and desire to pray and read scripture. The person becomes more fully aware of the efficacious power of the Sacraments.


You receive the Holy Spirit in His fullness when you are baptized. The baptism in the Holy Spirit releases the Spirit so that you can better live the gospel life. Think of it this way. Confirmation is like God depositing an infinite amount of money in your checking account. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is when you start writing checks against that money. Confirmation must come first.



Hi Thomas
If you are referring to the Charismatic term baptism of the Holy Spirit you do not need the Sacrament of confirmation to receive it. Look at Act ch.10 the story of Cornelius. God does what he wants, when and to whom he pleases. I will pray for your search of the truth. May God bless geoff


Thanks for the name correction. While I may have used the wrong name of the Gentile, we both referenced the same story. We share the same sentiments. "God does what he wants, when and to whom he pleases."
Another way to look at this. God revealed His power through Cornelius even before he was baptized. A different man may not experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit until after he has received the Sacrament of Holy Orders with his ordination to the priesthood. Whether the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is experienced before or after receiving any of the Sacraments of the Church, the efficacy of the Sacraments is not diminished.
Even in the OT, prophets were filled with the Holy Spirit before they could speak in the name of the Lord.


Thank you very much! We hoped that we would be confirmed this week, before our BHS but unfortunately, we would be confirmed on June. I think our parish offers confirmation during “school days” in my country, which are June to March.

Thank you very much!


this is an important thread to me for the fact that it seems to be the case, and may the case more often someday in the future, that access to the sacraments might be severely limited to us lay people. I thank god for the charismatic renewal for this very reason: it allows those of us who are open to it to receive real graces like being filled with the Spirit when we might not have ready access to sacraments like confirmation and also, I might add, the eucharist. In some sense, praying to be filled with Christ outside of the eucharist could be what has been defined as spiritual communion, which our church readily believes is an actual communion with Him.

Not that I want to lose access to the eucharist or any of the sacraments, mind you. I think that both the charismatic renewal and the sacraments are a powerhouse of grace when together.

may peace be yours in Christ Jesus


I do not see us returning to a time when the Sacraments were limited. During medieval times it was unusual for lay persons to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.
I was surprised when I read St. Therese’s Story of a Soul that she sought permission from her priest before receiving Communion. St. Pius X worked to encourage more frequent reception and lowered the age to seven.
In my parish in WI, Confirmation was not received until high school. A retreat was not a prerequisite when I received, but it is an idea that I like. I did have to wait two years. That is how often the bishop came to my overseas parish to administer the Sacrament. I have known a number of people who were glad they waited until adulthood, when they better understood the decision they were making before receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.

I absolutely agree. Charismatic Renewal in combination with the Sacraments is a powerhouse.

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