Baptism of the Magi?


I was reading a book (rather “Da Vinci Code” like) that claimed that St. Thomas made it to India, there he met the Magi and was the one who baptised them. I had never heard this before and was wondering if this was actually something that has been believed or has some basis in some document somewhere, or if it was made up for the book.

Anybody know?


Did St Thomas make it to India? Quite possibly. Alexander the Great managed it 300 years before St Thomas’ time, so no reason he couldn’t.

And the earliest Western missionaries there in (I think) the 1500s did find pre-existing Christian communities who claimed to have been founded by St Thomas.

Baptising the Magi? Well, they’d have been awfully old by the time he made it there, that’s for sure :slight_smile: That’d be a tall tale.


It is generally understood by the earliest of Christians that one of the Apostles made it to India (I thought it was Andrew, but evidently I’m wrong) and started the Church there. I seem to recall that the Apostle who made it to India was eaten by a tiger as part of his martyrdom.


Here is the Catholic Encyclopedia on St. Thomas the Apostle:

Here is Pope Benedict XVI on St. Thomas:

This pretty well covers anything that we possible know about St. Thomas (even the pious traditions with no historical evidence). There is mention of him possibly going to India, but I didn’t see any mention of him baptizing the magi (although I only skimmed the articles).


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