Baptism prep for 11yo, 6 & 7yo

I have approx 8 weeks to prepare 2 11yo’s a 6yo and a 7yo for baptism. They are all uncatechised. The older 2 sat in on the 1st reconciliation prep classes last term. Does anyone have any suggested resources etc. ?

the Archdiocese of Vancouver recommends these books. although i’m not sure how they are because i teach highschool kids, but since the archdiocese recommends them they must be good:

Are they all in RCIA?

Certainly the older two should be and that should be for a minimum of a year with baptism, confirmation & Communion at the Easter Vigil.

The younger two could still be treated as infants and that would require a minimal preparation. When we’ve had children that age we’ve basically given them the same walk-through we give the parents a day or so before the event (this after the parents’ preparation). Our aim was more to prepare them for what was physically going to take place than catechesis. Their catechesis should then proceed as with all children their age.

since your pastor has elected to bypass RCIA for the older children, my suggestion is the standard 2nd year text covering 1st communion because if they are prepared for that, they are prepared for the sacraments of initiation in general and you can add lessons on confirmation and baptism, but the level of acceptance they need is the same. The 6 yr old is still an infant for the purposes of baptism and in your dioceses, possibly the 7 yr old as well, so their prepration is minimal, what to say and do, what will happen. they should simply continue with RE and first communion preparation and receive those sacraments with their peers.

I assume since RCIA has been disregarded that the priest plans to baptize all 4 children now, and defer the other sacraments. If so, the advice is the same, continue RE and sacramental prep with their peers. However the timing of the other sacraments is up to the priest.

Those texts, you realize, are meant to be used over a whole year so you have your work cut out for you editing what you present. I hope intensive education of the parents is going on at the same time, even in the same sessions.

Check out the media library of your diocese or parish to see if they have videos that can help you.

the “catch-up” text we use for uncatechized middle graders who are being brought to the sacraments late, whether or not they have been baptized, is Our Catholic Faith from Wm.Sadlier. There are 16 lessons and you could cover what is essential for baptism, understanding the elements of the Creed, in your time frame. You can defer the sections on the other sacraments assuming they will be joining RE with their peers.

Thankyou so much. Yes I do have my work cut out for me. I will request that the parents join in. One if them is going to do rcia next year the other is already catholic. Sadly though, not practicing. I will be requiring Mass attendance and setting lots of ‘homework’ for them to do with their child. It is going to be particularly hard, I think, having the younger 2thete whe trying to teach the older ones. I might talk to father about just doing one or two sessions with the little ones and concentrating on the older two.

I am in Australia and infortunately, at least in my parish, there isn’t really any ongoing catechesis for kids outside of catholic schools. That is set to change next year. We are changing our program to require a full years attendance at classes before they can enrol for the sacraments.

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