Baptism problem


Hey all,

I was baptized catholic when I was about 8 years old when my mom met and married my catholic stepfather. I went to catholic school from then on.  I was also confirmed.  After high school in college I went thru a phase of getting heavily into a non-denominational Protestant Christian church for a few years, and now that I'm married and have a child, We're back in the catholic church.  My question is this: during my time spent at Protestant Christian church, I was "born again" baptized in a pool during a end of year baptismal celebration at that church.  Does this somehow nullify my catholic baptism? After all, I know we only acknowledge one baptism, so I just wanted clarification.  Thanks guys.



It is not possible to “nullify” your baptism by some future action.


Once baptised Catholic, you are always Catholic, regardless of whatever you do after that.
A confession is all you need to do, to be fully back into the Catholic chruch. You might want to mention that other baptism during the confession.


And the marriage might need to be addressed, as well, depending on circumstances…


No. You were only baptized one time; the first time. Welcome back!


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