Baptism Question.

So my sister and brother in law want to baptize their son. My sister isn’t baptized and my brother in law grew up Pentacostal but isn’t practicing really. In any case they both believe in infant baptism so they don’t just want to go to church to “present” the baby as would be the case if they went to a Pentecostal church. So… what are their options?

I know they probably won’t be able to go to a Roman Catholic Church because there needs to be at least one Catholic correct?

Soooo basically they need a church that does infant baptisms, that will accept them as they are… a Pentecostal and an unbaptized person.

I know some replies are going to be just join a Catholic Church or something but… it’s not that easy… they’re trying to figure stuff out right now… but one thing they do believe in is that their baby should be baptized, so I’m seeing that as a victory… and their baby shouldn’t be denied baptism just because of their situation right? Especially since they really do want him to get baptized.

So any advice?

First, you are correct about at least one parent needing to be Catholic for them to be baptized in the Church.

I know Presbyterians are fairly accepting of new comers and perform infant baptism as a sacrament (it’s what I was raised). That being said most Christian communities would likely require them to be members of their particular congregation (even if they are recent converts). The main thing is that they shouldn’t just get the baby “dunked” and then not raise them in the Christian faith. Part of the Presbyterian baptism included the congregation accepting responsibility to raise and support the child in the faith, so it would seem wrong for them to go just to baptize the baby without being a part of the community.

It is not technically required to have a Catholic parent for a Catholic baptism, but there must be a “reasonable hope that the child will be brought up in the Catholic Faith.” Infant Baptism is not a one time thing, it is only a beginning.

Are you close to the family? Could you be a godparent and be willing to assist in the child’s religious education?

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