Baptism question


Some time ago, when my daughter was born, there were some complications.

There was a point in which we did not know if she would survive.

I baptized her myself.

So what next? It is my understanding that the baptism should be valid.
But shouldn’t the church have a written record?
Should the priest at the very least fill in a certificate for record?

If anyone has any ideas…



Yes. :thumbsup:

The Church does have a procedure for this. It’s very easy on you, and the priest will supply the rites that were not done the first time. It is a formal welcoming into the Church. The pastor will then do whatever is necessary with regard to the record and certificate.

Talk to the pastor of your local parish. Note the word “pastor” is important here. Talk to the pastor himself. He’ll guide you through everything.


Take her to your parish and explain the situation to your priest.


I hope your daughter is ok now.


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