Baptism Question

Say two cradle Catholics hook up, get pregnant and have no intention of getting married. They live together and don’t attend mass, receive sacraments, etc.

However, they want their child baptized. What is the church’s stance on an issue like this? My gut instict tells me that the church would not prohibit this because the child should not be denied baptism because of their parents.

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By canon law, the pastor must have assurance that the child will be raised Catholic, and he is within his rights in delaying (not denying) baptism to the child if the parents exhibit no willingness or ability to assure this will happen. But there is no requirement pre se that the parents must be married, but it certainly casts into doubt their intent about raising the child.

The Church won’t “prohibit” the Baptism. However the Church will usually suggest that they delay the Baptism until the young people get their own individual Spiritual lives in order. Including Marriage if they intend to be living together as though Married. Before taking on the responsibility of Baptizing and raising their child in a Faith they do not practice.

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