Baptism/RCIA Question

Can an unbaptized adult, desiring to be baptized, go through the classes and recieve only the sacrament of baptism?

I think the answer to my question is no, but the reason I ask is that I know someone who really is not ready for the Eucharist (their assessment, not mine) even though they may want to be.

I’m sure the RCIA classes could not hurt, but I think he views them as classes for someone who is ready to dive into all three of those sacraments. Anyway, I was hoping someone can either confirm my suspicions that you need to be fully committed to all three, or let me know if an adult can simply be baptized in the Catholic Church.

Of course you can be baptized as a adult in the catholic church they do it all the time.

Im not sure that an adult should be baptised without going thru RCIA. It’s the reason RCIA exsists in the first place.

RCIA is for the UNbaptised.

Yes, but can you be baptized as an adult without also recieving your First Communion and Confirmation on that same day?

Must an un-baptized RCIA candidate be ready for all three of those Sacraments in order to recieve the first?

I’m honestly not sure. This is a question for the Parish Priest. However, I would think that it would be allowed. I don’t know of anything (document or otherwise) that says no. Although I have not gone through the RCIA documents as of yet.


Oh good. I did realized that they help initiate the unbaptized. I think they will also help those who have been baptized in other faiths to participate in the other sacraments of initiation.

I was not suggesting that he should not take the classes. I was just wondering if they will baptize a person who desires baptism but is not ready to recieve communion after having gone through the classes. (He has not yet taken them, so hopefully he would feel differently after going through them)

You are right, I really should call the Parish Priest or the RCIA director or something. They would have an answer that is specific to my parish.

My Brother-in-Law was un-baptized when he met my sister and he went through RCIA twice. After the first time he was not ready for all three sacraments, he still had his doubts and confusions about the Eucharist and Confirmation. Maybe it was just his choice not to be baptized at that time, but I thought I remember them advising him not to. Fortunately he felt better about it after round 2 of RCIA.

I have been dating a man who was of no spiritual background and is not baptized. (Apparently my family just keeps unwittingly doing our best to bring people into the fold) He has made incredible spiritual progress in the belief in God, Christ as the Messiah, the Trinity and many other things. He wants to be baptized but I think from hearing my brother-in-law’s story he thinks that he has to be ready to recieve all of those sacraments.

Something for him to remember, you don’t have to be ready for ANY of the sacraments to start RCIA. The whole purpose is to instruct and discern whether the person is ready to come into the Church. And that goes for both the person and the Church. Both must feel comfortable that he or she understands and consents to coming to the Church. I would suggest he start the classes. He is not committing to anything by doing so. the Church WANTS him to learn about the Church and discern if he is ready.

No, Confirmation and Communion are to follow an adult (over the age of reason, that is 7!) baptism. However RCIA is meant for instruction for all three, you don’t need to be committed at all to begin the process.

I think he needs to reconsider why he thinks he’s ready for Baptism but not Communion. That seems to show a lack of understanding of these sacraments. If he’s really ready to make the commitment to be baptized he’s ready to receive Communion – which really only requires understanding that the bread is in fact Jesus and being able to receive Him reverently.

no not without some grave reason, and probably permission of the bishop. It is probably possible for an adult to be baptized but he should be confirmed in the same ceremony, and for first communion to be given at a later time, but that would not be RCIA. RCIA is very clear, the priest who baptizes must confirm and administer first communion in the same celebration.
These are rites of the church.

An adult asking for baptism must make a profession of faith, and complete his baptism through confirmation. It is highly unlikely he would be ready to make this profession without also being ready for communion. In fact I cannot think of a likely scenario. Has OP a situation to suggest?

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