Baptism requirements for godparent to be?

Guys i have a question i cant find my confirmation certificate … i remember doing my confirmation and communion in mexico at the same time about 20 or so years ago i have my comunion certificate but cant find the confirmation. The issue with this is that i was asked to be godmother for my friends baby but cant find that certificate… do u think my 1st communion will be suffiecent.

The parish where you were baptized should have the record of your confirmation (regardless of where you were confirmed.) Can you contact the parish where you were baptized?

Whatever certificates you have at home are not official sacramental records. They are commemorative. Churches typically require official sacramental records-- a signed certificate or letter on parish letterhead with the parish seal affixed to it.

Contact the parish in which you were baptized, they should have all of your sacramental records.

here in Canada, my priest only asks for a letter from the parish of the person who is to be a godparent that certifies they are practicing Catholics. he doesn’t require any sacramental records

i find it odd that someone would ask that from a godparent because in this day and age where there are a lot of people migrating, there are many like myself who would have these records in a foreign country and may not have someone who can request for the records there for us.

i guess most parish priests will just have to assume that i am validly baptized, confirmed, and even married. funny thing, i can’t even remember the name of the parish where we were married in :blush: because we got married in a nice chapel on top of a hill (of a retreat center) in a city which is a 2 hour drive from where we live. on top of it, it was a chapel so it belongs to a parish where we’ve been online once before to be interviewed by the parish priest. but the chapel was beautiful, Chapel of the Transfiguration, with a floor to ceiling stained glass of Jesus, Moses and Elijah

All records of any Sacrament you have recieved are at the Church you were Baptised.
I never knew this until now. It is weird really.
I was Baptised in Metropolis Ill. (Seriously now, no Superman jokes)
Confirmed in Covington Kentucky
Married in Toledo Oh
My Baptismal record states all of these.
Find the Church you were Baptised in and they will be the holders of your Sacramental Records.
Google the Church for the address and send an email requesting the information. They will send it to you.

The records at the baptismal parish are only as accurate as the diligence of the other parishes allows. We are supposed to notify the baptismal parish when confirmation and marriages occur and, while it’s usually done for marriage, I’ve noticed a much lesser degree of compliance when it comes to Confirmation. I’ve received notification as much as five years after the fact.

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