Baptism Shell


When our former pastor at my parish used to perform baptisms he would use a shell to pour the water and then would give the shell to the family. I understand that the shell is a symbol of baptism and I understand that the shell would not affect the validity of the baptism; however, was it appropriate for him to give the shell to the family then? I have just always wondered.


I don't understand the question. Why would it be inappropriate?


I'm with 1KE. Perhaps you could say more about why you think it would be wrong to give the family a remembrance of their child's baptism?


Could you please be a bit more specific. thank you:thumbsup:


When my babies were baptised, we were given the candles that the Godparents held, lit, during the ceremony. I think that giving the parents the shell used is a lovely idea. The shell isn't a sacred object, any more than the candles are.


I'm sorry for the confusion, I guess it just put me off because I have never heard of it but now I know...


I think it's a sublime idea and a fantastic token of spiritual generosity that the priest does this. The shell is an ancient symbol of baptism, used frequently in sacred art. It is extremely appropriate and fitting that the priest should choose this as a baptismal gift.


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