Baptism Sponsors?


Since I have not been baptized (common misconception, not all Protestants have been baptized) and am entering into the Byzantine liturgical tradition of the Catholic faith, will I need sponsors for my own adult baptism? And if so, do these sponsors become a God-family?


Per the Code of Canons of Eastern Churches:

Canon 684 - §1. According to the most ancient tradition of the Churches the person who is to be baptized should have at least one sponsor.
§2. In fulfilling the function of a sponsor, the sponsor is to assist in the Christian initiation for a person who is no longer an infant; or to present the infant to be baptized and to help the baptized person lead a Christian life in harmony with baptism and to fulfill faithfully the obligations connected with it.

So yes, you should have at least one sponsor. It isn’t really a “God-family,” although that’s an interesting way of putting it. Your sponsor is to fulfill the duties spelled out in the above cited canon. I actually served as the sponsor for my friends’ daughter when she was baptized a couple months ago.

God bless you on your journey into the Church, and feel free to PM with any questions.



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