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I am soon start in to take the RCIA class and I was wondering after you completed them and got baptised do you wear you garment for the rest of the mass??



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Yup! That’s what happened when I was baptized at Easter Vigil! But they still expect you to dress nicely. :stuck_out_tongue: They also anoint your hands with the Oil of Catechumens beforehand!


You’ll have to ask your priest or RCIA director how they do it at your parish.

The Missal (the book that outlines what is done during Mass) only says “After the Baptism, the Priest anoints the infants with chrism. A white garment is given to each, whether adults or children.” Nothing is specified about what the white garment looks like, how it is worn, or when it is removed.

Most places I’ve seen, the people do keep them on, but it’s possible your parish does it differently.


I’ve been at a lot of Easter Vigils and I have to say that I’ve never seen them removed.


I’ve only very rarely been present at adult baptisms, and the few I’ve seen were all in the same parish. The only white garments in use were the clothes the person came in – a white dress for a woman who was being baptized, a white shirt and white pants for a man. And white shoes, I think, in both cases.


I was a sponsor for a lady who was baptised during the Easter vigil and I dressed her in one of the white albs my parish use when adults are baptised. She wore it for the rest of the vigil. In the neighbouring parish they do the same but use the choir gowns as there is another choir that sings during the vigil.

In the early church, those baptised during the vigil wore white for the Easter octave.


I picked the gown by myself (not a robe from the parish) and it´s a white, plain dress not strange to wear in a regular liturgy, so the problem didn´t occured.


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