What constitutes a grave reason for administering baptism?

My sister is not Catholic but plans on converting. SHe is not in RCIA yet because her newborn baby is in the hospital with a high respiratory rate. He was supposed to come home tomorrow but his rates have spiked again and they are the worst they’ve been.

What happens if his situation becomes TOO serious? Should I tell her to baptize him if that happens? Should we call a priest even though she is not Catholic yet?

Yes, call the priest. He will make the decision as to whether to baptize the child or not. Don’t delay.

Ok thanks. I will call my sister and let her know!

Contact the local Catholic priest right away. Your sister’s status of not-yet-Catholic has no bearing on whether or not the baby can be baptised.

Yes, call the pastor where she is intending to enter RCIA (if it’s local, or the nearest Catholic parish) and ask the pastor to come to the hospital to Baptize the baby.

If my own child were in this situation, I would definitely ask the priest to the hospital for an immediate baptism. If the baby takes a sudden trun towrds death before they can arrive, yes, it is appropriate to baptize yourself, but this is only licit in an emegency, meaning that the baby would likely die before the priest or deacon could arrive.

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