Can anyone remind me of my baptismal vows. Its been years now. Can you renew these vows and even change your baptismal name. I just went by my name as I didn’t go by a favorite saint. Paul is my favorite but I like so many more. Theresa of Avila, Hillegard, John of the cross, Padre Pio. Whew :cool:

Your baptismal name cannot be changed.

Renewal of baptismal promises

As far as I can discern, they are promises rather than vows. Essentially, they consist of a summation of the Apostles’ Creed plus a rejection of Satan.

We renew them every year at Easter. Wait a few months to hear them.

Name no.

But yes --renew your baptismal promises frequently --even daily (I do a form daily --such can be in your own words etc.)

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