i’m just wondering that in baptism if it is better to get water just over your head ( like with babies) or full body under water ( like Jesus did ), is there any difference ?

Short answer is no, but I have a question for you, can you show me where it actually specifies that Jesus was fully submerged?

You are just as baptized by either method; it’s a matter of personal choice and the customs of your parish.

While immersion is a better visual representation of the “dying to sin and rising again to new life in Christ” that is Baptism, the effects are the same whether the water is poured or the person is immersed. So we really can’t speak of one way being better than the other.

It’s the words, not the water!

The words are the proper form. The water is the proper matter. A valid sacrament requires both.

If Jesus was Baptized via immersion then that is the only way that Baptism of infants and adults should be practiced. When I get married and have children they will be Baptized as babies in the Catholic Church via immersion.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you’re in a parish that offers you that option.

And a spouse that agrees :smiley:



Since 2001 in my parish parents have been given the option of immersion or pouring. Most opted for pouring but about 15-20% chose immersion. When our last Pastor arrived he was surprised to hear that we offered immersion but he loved it and would have preferred to baptize all infants that way.

That pastor died suddenly and his replacement has not had anyone request immersion. Come to think of it, because nobody requested it I never thought of asking him if he’s willing to celebrate it that way. Note to self: “When Fr. returns from holidays ask him if we are still offering immersion.” He wants Baptism to be as quick as possible so may not want to do immersion since it involves other things he’s discontinued.

Not very good proof, but I believe I have seen Jesus being fully submerged in a movie once, not a Hollywood movie, but a quite religious one. Would the movie be wrong ?

I’ll you one “every depiction I’ve seen of the event shows John the Baptist pouring water over Jesus’ head.” Would the artist be wrong?

Oftentimes people who claim that Jesus was immersed reference the words in Mark 1, “And straightway coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon him: …” They see coming up out of the water as evidence He was immersed. I find the evidence thin. After all, the Didache mentions the use of pouring.


Hi, Dutch!

…consider this, does the water amount matters? Is Immersion the key to Baptism? Since Jesus was Baptized by John, should all be Baptized by John (only Priests named John)? Since Jesus’ Ministry began around His thirtieth birthday (give or take a few zillions of eons), must all be Baptized upon their 30th birthday? …and since Jesus was Baptized in the Jordan, are all Baptisms that were not done at the Jordan void?

We must understand that the Church Unfolded, as did the Practice and Worship; there would have been moments when the only water available would have been that which was carried for survival, would such Baptism be void if only a small amount of water were to be sprinkled on the candidate?

Baptism is like a Wedding, it is not the material that matters but the Sacrament!

…many Baptized people have rejected God… as many expensive wedding celebrations have ended up in ugly bitter divorce battles… it is about the Sacrament!

Maran atha!



I fully concur with you!

…but it seems that the issue is about the quantity and condition… how many gallons?, fully submerged?, sprinkling?, running water?..

…people are enamored with “wisdom/knowledge;” they fail to see beyond such human conditions: Sacrament of God, by God, in the Church.

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…the family could always travel to the Jordan and wait till the children are thirty years old, for the full authenticity!

Maran atha!



…yeah, we are talking about hindsight… there’s no formula given in Scriptures… the best we have is Jesus coming out of the Jordan… was he ankle deep, waist deep, shoulders deep, neck deep? …did John and some of his followers laid Jesus on the water, or dunked Him or did Jesus kneel/sat down? Did John use a container/shell to sprinkle water over Jesus’ head? Did John put his hand over/on Jesus’ head and pray?..

…yet, if we search through Church history we find:

The Didache or Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, an anonymous book of 16 short chapters, is probably the earliest known written instructions, outside of the Bible, for administering baptism. The first version of it was written c. 60–80 AD.[65] The second, with insertions and additions, was written c. 100–50 AD.[65] This work, rediscovered in the 19th century, provides a unique look at Christianity in the Apostolic Age and is the first explicit reference to baptism by pouring, although the New Testament does not exclude the possibility of this practice."[66] Its instructions on baptism are as follows:

Now about baptism: this is how to baptize. Give public instruction on all these points, and then baptize in running water, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… If you do not have running water, baptize in some other. If you cannot in cold, then in warm. If you have neither, **[size=]then pour water on the head three times in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. **

Before the baptism, moreover, the one who baptizes and the one being baptized must fast, and any others who can. And you must tell the one being baptized to fast for one or two days beforehand.[67][c ([URL=“”][/size]
…so while the preferred method would be immersion in running water, conditions could alter the method to the point of sprinkling of water.

Maran atha!


Agreed. Ironically it is often the Baptists (who don’t believe in Baptismal Regeneration) that are most strenuous in insisting on full immersion. :confused:


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