My son was baptized in the catholic church. His wife went to a catholic school, but was not catholic. They now have a new baby and would like to baptize him in the catholic church. Are they able to do so, even though one of them is not catholic?


Baptism is very important, and you might say the day you are baptized is one of the most important days in your life, even if you are an infant.

More than that, it is an initiation into the Church, the Body of Christ. I believe that the child can be baptized into the Catholic Church, but I think the Church still requires a commitment, as it does for all children, that they be raised in the Catholic faith.

Otherwise, the baptism is reduced to superstition or something like that.


they must demonstrate to the pastor their intention to raise the child as Catholic. If they cannot do so, he is justified in delaying (not denying) baptism until such assurance is forthcoming.


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