I have been asked to be a Godparent for my brother’s child. He (Catholic) was married before to a non-Catholic in a non-Catholic cermony. His current wife (Catholic) was previously married in a Catholic cermony and church. Neither completed an annulment but attend Mass (occassionally). I am worried about accepting the responsibility of a Godparent because I am not sure how the child will be raised.

What are my responsibilites?

the couple must approach the priest of their local parish for baptism of the infant, and must give him good faith assurance that the child will be raised Catholic. That is where the godparents come in, to help make sure that happens. You should express your reservations to the parents and make sure they understand you can only willingly undertake the responsibility with the understanding that the child will be raised Catholic, and you will do your utmost to insure it. As to their good faith, it is the responsibility of the priest to make that judgement.

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