BAPTIST I think only baptism by immersion,do all non-catholic churches baptism by immersion or do some have pouring or sprinkling,Thank you for your help
Beside the baptist do all non-catholics have baptism by immersion only ?

I think most mainline protestant churches, such as the Presbyterian Church usa, Methodist Church, Episcopal Church baptise infants and use the pouring or sprinkling in those baptism. I don’t know is they use immersion baptist for adults or not as I have never witnessed an adult baptism in any of those churches.

i was a Methodist and was baptised as an adult with a little sprinkling of water on my forehead and hair.

According to Wikipedia, here’s how various Christians baptize. If you scroll down, you’ll see the beliefs and methods of all the Christian groups, plus the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

I hail from a non demon church, we have immersion for baptizm.

Some Christians do not practice water baptism at all. I am a member of the Society of Friends. Most Friends do not practice water baptism. Some of the Friend’s Churches allow for baptism if requested, this is an influence of the religious revivals of the 19th century and an influx of more “evangelical” minded Friends.

Paul spoke of “one Lord, one faith, one baptism”…John and Jesus spoke of “baptism with fire and with the Holy Spirit.”

Friends have witnessed to the cleansing ministry of the Holy Spirit. “A man can undergo baptism as a dry sinner and leave the site of baptism a wet sinner and there is no change in his life…but no man being immersed and baptized in the Holy Spirit can remain unchanged.”

While we acknowledge that the position of Friends is in the minority, we affirm that through the baptism of the Spirit, we can be cleansed from the stains of sin.

I realize for many Protestants and all Catholics we may not really be “Christian” since we have not participated in the outward form of water baptism.

We embrace the invward testimony of the Light and the assurance of His Presence as a Reality in our lives.

Through our experience in the Light, we affirm the One Baptism of the Holy Spirit as sufficient.

I realize, it’s not a popular view among Christians who embrace a more “sacramental” belief system.

Perhaps in Catholic belief, we would fall under “baptism by desire.”

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