My friend that I have known since kindergarten is having her baby boy baptized in a few weeks. I’m invited to this speical occasion! I’m so excited. I joined the Church this past Easter and I know that having a child baptized is a wonderful thing! I want to get him a little something since I’ve known his mom since we were 5. This will be my first child baptism to witness in the Catholic church and I have no idea what would be the right thing to get this special little guy!

I do have a couple questions for you more experienced Catholics! I’m still a baby Catholic :o

Is this a Mass?? Also, is this a “church clothes” occasion? I thought it would be but I wanted to make sure. Any other info you think I should know?? Thanks!!


Baptisms can either take place during Mass or outside of Mass. You’ll need to ask the parents. It is definitely a “church clothes” occasion.

I’m not good with gifts so I hope others will chime in. One thing I would think about are the ceramics from St. Andrew’s Abbey. See – you could consider the baby’s patron saint or an angel. I’m an Oblate at St. Andrew’s so I’m a bit prejudiced about how nice their ceramics are. :slight_smile:


Its in the afternoon and not during normal Mass times.



Some parishes have baptisms as part of a mass, some parishes do a separate ceremony after the mass - depends on the diocese. Regardless they are both beautiful.

Search the net for lots of baptism gifts of a religious nature or go to your nearest Catholic gift store and they can help you select an item. Here are some suggestions:
A special gift picture frame with cross or other baptism stamp
A gift set that may hold a candle, cross or other memento of that day
If you know the baby’s saint name - perhaps a saint medal or statue
A special angel pin that goes on the baby’s shoulder or other out of the way place

Good luck


Well…gifts can be hard for a newborn…but, if mom is strapped for money, can I suggest that you offer to buy the white outfit? Or, if you are looking for gifty type things… how about a book about the saints? or bedtime stories?


Here’s another idea for a gift–how about make a donation in baby’s name to a pro-life charity or crisis pregnancy center.


I think a candle holder is a lovely suggestion. I still don’t have ones for my kids and my baptism candles. :o


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