Can a baby be baptized by a priest while still in the womb of the mother? Can he wash water over her or her belly during pregnancy and pray a blessing of the sacrament?

Just wondering if this has ever been done?


No, this can not be done.

Why not?

I answer that, It is essential to Baptism that some part of the body of the person baptized be in some way washed with water, since Baptism is a kind of washing, as stated above (66, 1). But an infant’s body, before being born from the womb, can nowise be washed with water; unless perchance it be said that the baptismal water, with which the mother’s body is washed, reaches the child while yet in its mother’s womb. But this is impossible: both because the child’s soul, to the sanctification of which Baptism is ordained, is distinct from the soul of the mother; and because the body of the animated infant is already formed, and consequently distinct from the body of the mother. Therefore the Baptism which the mother receives does not overflow on to the child which is in her womb. Hence Augustine says (Cont. Julian. vi): “If what is conceived within a mother belonged to her body, so as to be considered a part thereof, we should not baptize an infant whose mother, through danger of death, was baptized while she bore it in her womb. Since, then, it,” i.e. the infant, “is baptized, it certainly did not belong to the mother’s body while it was in the womb.” It follows, therefore, that a child can nowise be baptized while in its mother’s womb.

But… can the baby be blessed or prayed for while in the womb and not to argue with A. but Mary and Elizabeth spoke of their own child in their womb greeting each other as recognizing who they were?

I am Catholic but was taught some rather strange doctrines when in the other churches and wonder why this can not be expanded or was it tried before?
Thanks Ibelieve what you are stating.

So if the mother is actually die-ing or dead then the baby is like alone in the person so it can be baptized? I was in a pentecostal church and much was prayed over wombs kind of like well I’m trying to think of a nice word and can’t come up with any!:blush:

So if the baby is dead in the womb the baby can’t have the last rights?


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Write more tomorrow and thanks I didn’t want to wait forever from the apologists or not get my answer at all, thanks very much

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