Baptismal acclamation at Easter Vigil

During the Easter Vigil, after each baptism, is an acclamation supposed to be sung? What acclamation is suggested, and what are some other alternatives? Thank you.

There are 12 options for the short acclamations. My Rites book has them printed on page 337. They are in “Appendix II” #595 Only those 12 options are given and there’s no provision made for other acclamations. There does not seem to be any preference for any one of them (it’s not like there’s one “normal” acclamation and 11 “alternates”)

The acclamations themselves are optional, so they *may *be said or sung, but they are not required.

Thank you, Father.

At our parish’s Easter Vigil we sing the refrain of Come To The River as the person steps into the font and then the Celtic Alleluia as they step out.

we just sing "alleluia"
that’s when newly baptized, parents sponsors (and me) lose it and the tears start to flow

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