Baptismal Candle


Thought I’d share this.

The husband of a friend of mine is being baptized at the Vigil. He started his journey to Catholicism when he started dating her and much of that journey was in our parish. When their children were baptized I made them each a baptismal candle to use during the ceremony. His MIL called me yesterday and asked if I had any pillars left to make him one. I’d been wracking my brain to find him an appropriate gift and I couldn’t figure why I hadn’t even thought of that so I headed out to find a white pillar candle, to no avail in our small town.

Coming home I remembered that our parish was trying to find a new use for the old Paschal Candles we’d collected over the years. I asked Fr. if I could just take one and cut off a 12" piece to make D. a baptismal candle. He was overjoyed at the idea, both of the Paschal Candle being used that way and also in the symbolism of a candle from our parish being used at his Baptism in another parish and diocese. So today I start the task of turning our 2010 Paschal Candle into a baptismal candle and two shorter candles to use in the chapel. Wish me luck.


:thumbsup: splendid idea, God bless your work on those candles!!!


What a fabulous idea; good luck with it. I’m sure it will be beautiful.



Sounds neat. Come back and tell us how it worked out, especially if you can give us some tips in case we want to try it some year.


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