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I have been asked by a friend:
Does a Catholic need to show proof of their baptism prior to their first Holy Communion and/or being confirmed? My answer would be yes for any one of the seven sacraments. What say you?

yes and if it has been lost the church were you were baptized will have a copy.

This is the situation I am in. Since the baptist church I was baptized in back in 1878 no longer exists (and hasn’t since the early 80’s,) I have no proof.

So, I’m getting baptized this Saturday.

Goodness me! :slight_smile: Baptists believe in adult only baptism, right? That just about makes you the oldest person in the world!


I know that when a catholic church closes for good/or gets refurbished - all the documents are moved either to the archidoces officies or to a neighbouring parish.

If you have misplaced your baptismal then make an inquiry to the surrounding churches and you may come up lucky!

Hope this helps!

Ps - good luck on saturday!!! :thumbsup:



I meant 1978. :o

It depends. I was baptised in the Methodist Church and they do not give baptismal certificates so I had nothing to show to the Church when I was in RCIA. The Church simply accepted that I had been baptised and when Easter came round another Methodist in the same RCIA class and I did not get re-baptised nor a conditional baptism. We were simply formally accepted into the Church, while the others in the class were baptised.
We could then receive Holy communion after having done our first Confession and later in the year we were confirmed.

If you **know **(baptized as an adult) or know through family, parents, pictures that you were validly baptized, or other documents, then no Baptism is to take place. It is possible if serious doubt exists a Conditional Baptism takes place ASAP in private, never in public.

To Nematode’s original question, the answer is yes, someone who has been baptized as a Catholic would provide a copy of their baptismal certificate when being confirmed, married, etc. Catholics are very good about keeping those records so it’s usually not a problem at all.

Protestants don’t necessarily keep the same kinds of records. If someone entering the Church says they’ve been baptized we can use evidence other than a baptismal certificate such as statements by their parents or someone else who was present.

i didnt have/couldnt find my certificate, but i knew when it was and had a video and it was done in the correct manner so my parish had me sign an affirmation.

For those wanting to get married, the Church (at least our diocese) asks for the most recent copy of the Baptismal certificate. The Baptismal certificate has a back section where your sacramental records are kept. It indicates when you received the Sacraments of First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Marriage/Holy Orders.

The reason why the Church requests the most recent copy of your baptismal certificate is that the priest needs to see the sacramental record to make sure that everything is okay.

Interestingly enough, I saw a picture of the Baptismal page for Pope Benedict XVI. Included in the information, as far as I could read, was that data from his priesthood and episcopal ordinations and even his elevation to cardinal. I am sure that it has since been updated to include the fact that his now the Pope. :smiley:

The archives for the diocese should have records for most, if not all, of the parishes.

My daughter’s Baptism is this month. But I am having problems with the grandmothers. They insist that my daughter should wear a WHITE gown. I have a BEIGE CREAMISH color gown. Please advise in this matter. Does it has to be white? Why? And why do they sell other colors for baptism. Don’t know if this will help with the answer but my daughter is 3 months. Thank you in advance
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You may find it helpful to read through these threads about the color of baptismal gowns:

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In my case I know because my parents did not have my two sisters and I baptised when we were babies. I was 8 I think when i was baptised and I remember standing with my two sisters in a private ceremony in Church and the three of us were all baptised the same evening.

Thank you so much for both links. I am more at ease now. :thumbsup:

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