Baptismal insertion


How does baptismal insertion into new life in the Spirit of Jesus Christ transforms one interiorly, in terms of both the natural law and the New Law of grace?


Baptism is a sacrament whereby we encounter Christ. When we are born we are in a natural state which includes original sin. This is inherited through the sin of Adam and by grace it has been removed by Christ’s death on the cross. In the sacrament of baptism our soul is regenerated and we are filled with the Holy Spirit. We receive sanctifying grace that allows us to be restored to the supernatural life Adam and Eve enjoyed with God before the fall. Unfortunately, the consequences of original sin still remain (death, suffering and so on) but baptism allows us to become a part of the body of Christ and an adopted son or daughter of God. It is commanded by Christ (John 3:5, Matthew 28:19) and is received only through the merits of Christ. After we are baptized we still need to make conscience decisions in order to be disciples of Christ. We can make an assent of the will to fully reject God (mortal sin) thereby choosing to remove the sanctifying grace received at baptism. Conversion, repentance and confession can place one back into the sanctifying grace of God. Actual grace is always present regardless of the state of one’s soul.

I hope this helps a little. If you have more specific questions, please ask as we are here to help. God bless you…teachccd :slight_smile:


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