Baptismal name expressing a virtue?


CCC 2156 says, ... In Baptism, the Lord's name sanctifies man, and the Christian receives his name in the Church. This can be the name of a saint, that is, of a disciple who has lived a life of exemplary fidelity to the Lord. The patron saint provides a model of charity; we are assured of his intercession. The "baptismal name" can also express a Christian mystery or Christian virtue...

I have heard about choosing a saint's name for Baptism and/or Confirmation, but I have never heard of what it means to be named after a Christian virtue. If a saint's name provides a model for us and assures us of their intercession, what does a virtue's name do? Does it just mean we should practice that virtue, or that somehow that virtue will be especially granted to us?

(A question on the side: I really wanted to take a saint's name at Confirmation, and I found one who resonated with my heart. The name was supposed to be printed on a nametag at the ceremony. but the RCIA director did not print out a tag; I assumed that this was okay because the priest had the name in his notes, but he didn't. I was Confirmed under my legal name. I was told "It's okay, you can't change your Confirmation name but can still have a devotion to this saint!" but I feel like I lost my only opportunity to tie myself to a patron saint and be "assured of his intercession." Is this really as discouraging as it feels like?)


Most of these are girls' names - Grace, Hope, Faith, Charity, Chastity, etc. Yes, the idea is that by God's grace the child will have that virtue as a particular model for their lives, that the child will be especially strong in that particular virtue.

It is correct that you were confirmed under a particular name and nothing can change that. However, the confirmation name is only a matter of private devotion to begin with; it is not recorded anywhere in any sacramental register and it is not a required element of the Sacrament. If you feel that strongly about having your name changed, you can add your intended confirmation name to your legal name.


Faith, Hope, Charity, Patience, Prudence, Joy, Felicity, Grace, to name a few.


[quote="Falco, post:3, topic:334473"]
Faith, Hope, Charity, Patience, Prudence, Joy, Felicity, Grace, to name a few.


Yes, I am a "Joy"...I think this is kind of funny because I have a Melancholic personality that is easily depressed. :rotfl:

(I vacillate, though; I can be joyful too.)


It is not an official part of the rite that a person takes a Confirmation saint/name. However, some parishes record it in their register and note it on their certificates. If it has been entered in the record wrongly by your parish, I would complain loudly and persistently that it be corrected post haste. You have a right to correct this as it is a legal record governed by Church law.

If it is not in the register or on the certificate then there is essentially no problem. Spiritually, you know who you took as a patron and that is all that matters. You are in my prayers.


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