Baptismal Water vs. Holy Water

I know that during the Rite of Baptism, the officiating priest or deacon blesses the water to be used for the Baptism. After the ceremony, does the water in the font have the same “status” (for lack of a better word) as Holy Water - i.e., should it be put into the fonts, the large Holy Water resevoir, etc? Or is it “blessed water” but not “Holy Water” as that term is commonly understood?

Isn’t holy water just blessed water?

My parents’ church has a large baptismal font at the beginning of the main aisle of the church. It is always filled with water and people use it as a holy water font, dipping their fingers in it and making the sign of the cross as they come into the aisle and find a pew. So, baptismal water and holy water would seem to be one and the same.

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