Baptisms are finally set!

Twosweetgirls are being baptised on Sept. 1st at the Saturday evening Mass. Both sets of grandparents–with the possible exception of one, I’ll get to that in a moment–and their sponsors are coming. I just spoke with my good friend (one of the sponsors) and she’s excited and helping me plan the meal afterwards.

The wild card in the whole thing is my mother, who is staunchly anti-Catholic. I’m preparing myself for the possibility of her “getting sick” and not being able to come, then suddenly getting better by the time we’re ready to eat. She’s pulled this kind of bunk most of my life. :rolleyes: Seriously, if she pulls this stunt, it’ll make me never want to see her again.

I really need help to change my attitude. Would you pray for me?

Baptism - a time of love, so, let that love and grace shower you and you in turn shower it on your mom.

If she misses the baptism, that is her choice - and if she shows up to eat, say “Mom, I prayed and prayed that you would be part of our Special Day. Thank you for coming”.

Practice that in the mirror a few times :slight_smile:

baptism is an occasion of sacramental grace for the whole family (and the Church) not just the babies, pray for that grace to heal your family.

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