Baptisms during Mass: Who baptizes?


When baptisms are conducted during Sunday Mass at your parish, who usually confers baptism? The presiding priest? A deacon? A non-presiding priest?


The presiding priest …


The presiding priest. Deacons always baptize outside of Mass here, and I have never seen a concelebrant baptize. In fact, when there is a baptism scheduled during Mass the priest conferring the baptism usually offers the Mass alone.


Well that’s easy for my parish. None of the above. In 5 years I have never seen a baptism during Mass in this parish despite the fact that we have a ton of kids in the parish. All baptisms are done outside of Mass from what I know.

In previous parishes where baptisms were performed during mass it was always the presiding priest.


My deceased great-Uncle, who was a Deacon, baptized me. Though I believe a Priest may have been there… not 100% sure the entire story on how it was done, but I know ultimately it was him who baptized me.


The priest, unless one of the Deacons is requested to, which happens fairly frequently. One of our Deacons has been around the parish in that function far longer than either priest, and many people know him better than they do the priests. He gets called upon fairly frequently.


Any of the above may legitimately do so


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