Baptist Baptisms?

So, I read that Baptists are baptised by full body immersion into water. Im not a Baptist, but I am aquaphobic and fear swimming and having my head in water, it makes me extremely anxious and nauseus. If someone who was aquaphobic wanted to be baptised in the Baptist church, how would they go about it? Thanks!

why would you leave the Catholic church for a man made church that doesn’t have the Fullness of the Truth OR the Eucharist?


It would depend on the minister doing the baptism. I have never seen a Baptist baptised any other way.

I was raised Baptist.


He’s just asking a technical question!!! :stuck_out_tongue: He wants to know about members of that community who for some reason cannot be baptized by immersion.

You know, Catholics can also baptize by immersion. It’s one of three ways practiced since the apostolic age. Too bad not everyone accepts this.

yes – the best way is to study the doctrune of baptism and go from there-- maybe that is what your impulse is leading you… 2 do.

because other religious demoninations do believe God and Jesus will also baptism them with the Holy Spirit-- after they perform the ceremony of water baptism of idenfication and repentence…

and it is not a man made religion if the Holy Spirit is there, and with out the Holy Spirit it is just a man made ceremony.

because if you fave a fear of putting your head under water-- well-- then – maybe that fear is from the devil-- because God did not give us a spirit of fear-- etc,

so spiritual decernment is necessary

I was baptized baptist by full immersion. I don’t believe it is done any other way. The Pastor holds on to you and you plug your nose and all. It is all very quick and easy.

You would just have to suffer through it. A friend of my mom’s who has an extreme fear of getting under water and drowning was baptized Southern Baptist. She still had to go through the full immersion and said she was absolutely petrified during the whole process.

When I was a Baptist there was no way I could e fully emersed because I could not get to the Baptismal because of my being in a wheelchair and rather large. So they poured water on me from a small vial.

Thanks for your answers everyone! I’m not leaving the Catholic Church by the way, I was just curious.

I was Baptized Baptist and we were very particular about it: immersion, one time, backwards. No ifs, ands, or buts. I am extremely terrified of putting my head under water; but, for whatever reason, I didn’t have any problem with getting baptized at all.

I think that between already being nervous about being up front in front of the whole church and the fact that the Pastor knew I was terrified of water and kind of “snuck it up on me” really helped.

I have seen Baptists, especially in Europe, use a more Anabaptist mode: one or three times forward. I also know that in my current church (the C&MA) we are credo-baptist in our position and greatly prefer the Baptist mode for our baptisms, but we will allow different modes where it is practical to do so. I think you’ll find the view to be the same in most other non-Baptist evangelical traditions.

There’s also the fact that, even in most Baptist churches, Baptism is not seen as being strictly necessary for salvation and if someone is genuinely so terrified of water as to render baptism by immersion unsafe (because, let’s face it, someone flailing around in the water, even in a bathtub style baptismal font, is unsafe), then nobody’s going to force it on them.

One time only? I thought it had to be three times. Once each for "in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Would this be considered valid in the Catholic Church?

Well… I’m no expert on Catholic theology but as I understand it the only requirements for a valid baptism is that it be done with water and that it utilize the Trinitarian formula. Every Baptist and Evangelical baptism I’ve ever witnessed checks both boxes.

Immersion is not even required in a Catholic Baptism. While I would agree that it is much more symbolic to be dunked three times, I’m not sure it is required.

I was observing a local Baptist evening service, where they were conducting baptisms. There were three girls baptized and the second of them was baptized, “in the name of Jesus.” I think some people in the congregation bristled at it, but no one corrected him. Since baptism is just viewed as an ordinance for the purpose of showing off your faith, I doubt anyone would see a need to correct him.

In the Orthodox church when adults are baptized they are immersed three times forward for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

But in our church people are usually baptized as infants.

My baptist niece didn’t get baptized because of her fear and drifted away from her church because of it I think

You know… I don’t think I’ve ever seen that come up.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’d probably pull the pastor aside after the service to point out the irregularity. What happened beyond that would be between him, God, and the person baptized.

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