Baptist believe trail of blood book

Why do some Baptist believe in the trail of blood book as gospel truth?
How did this get infiltrated in to Baptist that they believe it?
This book is perplexing.

It really is perplexing. Keep in mind that only the lunatic fringe believes that junk.

My brothers paster believes this stuff, hook, line and sinker.
This is perplexing due to the fact that they don’t consider themselves protestants.

The ‘trail of blood’ and not considering themselves protestant really go hand in hand. The trail of blood attempts to make those Baptists who believe in it members of the ‘true’ church. If you are a member of the true church, you are not protestant.

Paul3144 is right that not many Baptists believe in the trail of blood. Most mainline Baptist scholars have dismissed the theory.

Well they almost have to if they ponder their beliefs much.

IIRC, the book is an attempt to demonstrate the existence of baptist theological principles throughout history and prove that the theology has always been under attack and oppressed by the Devil working through worldly authorities.

If you are a baptist, I can’t see how you could get terribly deep into theologyand history and NOT wonder why virtually no christians for more than 1600 years held beliefs like yours. Makes for nagging doubts that maybe those other guys’ reading of Scripture has something to it after all. Is it really likely God let the true gospel be distorted and generally be unavailable for so many centuries after He showed His love for us by dying on the cross and raising back up to life?

This book (if it is the one I’m thinking of) is an attempt to silence that nagging still, small voice…

Until today, I never heard of that book, even though I was Baptist for the first 38 years of my life. I know my family, all of whom in earlier generations were and are Baptist, never heard of it either. They are very strictly sola scriptura and consider anything that is outside the Bible as the mere opinions of others.

Baptists I know tend to believe that they follow the norms of early Christians, but they are only looking through the prism of the King James Bible, the version with 66 books. I was headed home one day when an Atlanta radio host, a Protestant seminarian, had a caller who claimed that he could easily trace the Baptist faith to the Apostles. That was the first time I ever heard anyone claim that, but the radio host quickly shredded that statement.

I would opine that anyone believing this weak scholarship would be close to the farthest extreme and would never be representative of a significant number of believers.

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