Baptist board web site

I was recently banned from a web site called baptist board

I suggested they read Scott Hahn about new and old covedent in the bible when it came up in there discussions
I was told I was banned for denying the trinity when I never brought up the trinity

They all seem very angry on that web site

Do not deny Jack Chick and King James as being members of the Trinity and you will not get banned.

Seriously, most religious sights are very intolerant of even the slightest hint of a challenge to their beliefs.

What were you even doing there to begin with?

The fact is that the last I heard, those guys wouldn’t even accept a Catholic as a member.

They’re a waste of time. Spend your time here or on one of the other good Catholic forums.

Its owned by the same dude who owns (or at least used to) the “Fighting Fundamentalist Forum”.
What does that tell you?

Sites like that are just set up to be echo-chambers for people to congratulate themselves in public. Don’t waste your time with them.


I’m sorry you were banned from the BB.

I’m a member but only lurk rarely, due to the vitriol they seem to thrive on.
Most of the threads/conversations are or become an embarrassment b/c of the name calling and anger. I def would not recommend the BB as a site to learn more about us.

We’re certainly not all like that, I assure you. Lots of us are open to discussion (though we may never agree, lol) without the anger and attacking that they employ.

…You do know alot of those Baptist websites think Catholics are pagans…right?
I have nothing against them until they call me a pagan.

Thank you for your kind post. I do know many Baptists in my area who are not at all argumentative.

Do you know of any other good Catholic Forums? I’m looking for a forum for serious Catholics and not just newbies w/ a bunch of CCC parrots like this one is… These forums here are too heavily moderated… It’s just waaaay too boring and basic anymore.

Yes, the Baptists in large are made up of wonderful people. Their faith is sublime.

Welcome to life as a Catholic online.

How I ended up on baptist board

I was a confirmed catholic then my parents never went to mass again, told me lots of crazy stuff was catholic. It didn’t make since so I joined a non denominational church at 28 then got thrown out of the non denominational church because I said I found infant baptism is in the bible along with a bunch of other rational things such as Maccabees belongs in the cannon because that’s we’re Jewish people get Hanakah. So after a 2 year process I realized what my parents and the priest I grew up with didn’t teach catholic teaching I ended back at the catholic church permently this year at age 36


Some of the nicest and most welcoming folks I’ve ever met were at a Baptist church that a former girlfriend attended. They knew I was Catholic and still treated me like one of their own.

I may not have agreed with their theology, but they were good people all the same. I miss seein’ 'em sometimes.

Aw…it’s boring to get the facts about what the Church really teaches? :rolleyes: When the Church has defined what it teaches, then, “boring” or not the matter is closed. The Church is not a democracy even though some people seem to think it should be.

I know and post on another couple of good Catholic forums, but they make this one look wild and wooly by comparison, so you wouldn’t be happy there.

Moreover, the moderation here at CAF is anything but “heavy” since they allow more than ample discussion and debate, and always have. I know because I’ve been on here since about 6 months after they came online back in 2004. It’s grown like mad since then.

I don’t know what you think you’re looking for, but I can tell you now that there’s far less Catholic n00bs here on CAF than you seem to think. To be honest you sound more like one than most of the other folks on this thread.:rotfl:

Anyway, BB is a bad joke and any Catholic who’s been tossed off there should probably consider it a badge of honor. I told 'em I was Catholic and they wouldn’t even let me join. Small loss really. If they want to know what we actually believe, they know where to find us. :thumbsup:


Before I resigned from the Southern Baptist Church, I posted on BB attempting to correct misunderstandings and false statements about Catholicism on a thread. I was permanently banned as a “Catholic troll.”

So, you’re not alone.

It’s nice that you posted this comment, because not all Baptists are like the folk that post on Baptist Board.

There are many kind and compassionate Baptists, who are devoted to serving our Lord and who are not consumed with hatred of those who believe differently.

Actually, this is one of the best online forums and the moderators keep it that way.

There are some great Catholics here, who do go into depth and are willing to take on serious discussions.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with “newbies.” I think most Catholics are happy to have new members come to the Catholic Church. So, why would you complain about “newbies”?

As for the CCC, I have one on my desk; and I’m Anglican. :smiley:

So… I read this on the BB website regarding other denominations:


You have entered one of the hottest forums on the Baptist Board! I’m sure that just about everyone has heard the cliché that one does not talk about politics or religion in mixed company. This forum tends to demonstrate why.

As co-moderator of this forum, I tend to be rather light handed and often lurk only in the shadows. If I were too heavy handed, the forum would lose its purpose. Therefore some topics may degenerate rather quickly. It is my opinion that it would be unreasonable to think that the nature of the debates presented here would always remain civil, given the fact that we are all “earnestly contending for the faith.” I do ask, though, that all participants take a moment to read the posting rules of our site at this link: If you are a registered and logged in member, please feel free to report obvious violations by using the report post feature at the bottom of an offending post.

Having said that, I am posting this as a reminder to our participants. Christ told us in Matthew 5:14-16 that we are like the lights of a city on a hill. The world around us can view us from far off without our even knowing it. Perhaps nowhere is this more the case than on the internet. This board is read by hundreds of people a day, most of them non-members, many of them atheist or non-Christians. Our conduct and demeanor are the only Gospel that some of our lurkers may ever receive. With this in mind, it is our duty to conduct ourselves in such a way as to bring honor to our Savior.

All participants in this forum are Christian, though we hail from a variety of denominations. To find a member’s denominational affiliation, simply click the profile icon at the top of their post. This may help the reader better understand the poster’s position in a debate and the function can be used by even unregistered readers.

So dive in! The water’s choppy, sometimes cold, sometimes hot, rarely tepid, and full of piranha and sharks, but for all its faults, this forum is possibly the single most educational on the site and has proven to be an excellent training ground for aspiring apologists.

Your servant in Christ,

Clint Kritzer
Moderator *

They speak one way, and act another. This tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about the moderators of THAT forum. I’ll just say that I think they can’t have all that much faith in their message if they just boot someone for no good reason. (Being Catholic is NOT a good reason to boot someone).

Maybe they don’t regard Catholicism as another denomination? Maybe they refuse to believe that Catholicism is the ORIGINAL denomination??? Their ignorance should be an embarrassment; especially after quoting Matthew 5:14-16.

What an un-enlightened bunch of people.

PS: It was REALLY hard not to do some serious name-calling in this post. Just so you know.

Welcome back! :grouphug:

the pagans of olden times were really Pious so they are telling the truth in a sorta twisted way : P

God Bless

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