Baptist churches giving away guns to attract new members

Baptist churches in the Kentucky town that was the site of a deadly high school shooting are giving away steaks and guns to attract more people to their congregations.

According to WJBK Fox 2, churches in Paducah – where three students were killed during a school shooting in 1997 – are hosting “Second Amendment Celebrations,” giving away guns to attract more people to the pews.

At Lone Oak First Baptist Church, about 1,300 people crammed into the church hall this month for a steak dinner and pep talk by a gun expert, Chuck McAlister. McAlister was hired by Kentucky’s Southern Baptists in an attempt to grow church membership. Twenty-five guns were raffled off during the dinner. Winners were required to pass a background check.

“I brought a gun with me tonight,” McAlister told the group. “I know that’s very controversial.”


That is hilarious, come on over for some fellowship, education, and bring your guns over for a blessing and maybe even win one.

Does anyone find this news of what this Baptist church is doing to be in bad form or improper.

I for one know that my parish hall will host plenty of trivia nights with an " adult beverage " to be served all to raise money for either a local school or what not, an I never go to the thing but the one time I did I expected maybe two options of beer, nope there were mixed drinks, jello shots, people brought their own booze, if the parish hall wasn’t located right next to the church , I would have thought I stepped into a local American Legion club.

Not really the end of the world to serve booze an bring in guns for what ever reason or even raffle them off, the question is what message does it send.

We should do that in our parishes to help bring men back to mass. Maybe go with shotguns or hunting rifles instead of an AR-15 to minimize complaints from progressives (and afford perhaps more than one prize). We could even have parish hunting trips.

now that would be awesome a parish hunting trip and I would be the first to sign up for that, being single there are rarely any good parish events to meet other singles of the opposite sex at least in my area. We always have trips coming up to the Holy Land but that is so outrageously insane of a fee to go we don’t even bother to entertain that notion, but in general if this were a catholic church that had done this, I think It would be a safe bet that the media would have a field day with the Church and be looking for ways to penalize or criminalize or suggest that the Catholic Church has lost it.

Well said. The media/press would have a field day if a Catholic Church did as such.
Maybe you could start a singles group in your Church? That would be really great;
meet once a month or so and do something fun!~

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This is just going to reinforce the modern stereotype of Protestant Christians as belonging to the bloodthirsty, reactionary sector.

There is nothing wrong with owning guns or raffling them off, but methinks this will be counterproductive, message wise.


For those that will cry “what about good, old, wimpy Jesus? He’d hate anyone who’d even think of buying a weapon” -

Luke 22:36-38 - Revised Standard Version (RSV)

He (Jesus) said to them, “But now, let him who has a purse take it, and likewise a bag. And let him who has no sword sell his mantle and buy one. For I tell you that this scripture must be fulfilled in me, ‘And he was reckoned with transgressors’; for what is written about me has its fulfilment.” And they said, “Look, Lord, here are two swords.” And he said to them, “It is enough.”

We use to raffle off a shotgun at my church every year for fundraising. So what. (Not talking to forum members here but the media… So what!)

A parish could use the meat to feed quite a lot of hungry families over the course of a year as well.

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Here in tha hills of West Virginy, our priest (Father Billy Bob) has a bow hunt every year.
‘Ceptin’ during Lent of course. Ever try to fish with a bow?

Doesn’t sound right. Now I like guns and I like Church. Whether a person decides to own a gun or not is not my business.

But I don’t think it’s appropriate to bring guns into a church, as a weapon of death does not belong in a House of God. Leave your guns at home when you go to Mass.

Why not just sit in the boat and use a rod and reel?

That’s another thing parishes could do to keep men engaged: fishing. Between hunting and fishing, imagine how much meat a parish could produce for local food pantries and soup kitchens.

In all seriousness, you do bring up a good point.
However, there is a difference between meat for your own family, and meat for public consumption. I imagine it would have to be inspected first by the Health Department.
I could be wrong though…

Giving guns out is just plain wrong.

I honestly don’t see the problem - maybe there are some irrational folk who get caught up on hype and hysteria, and jump on the word “gun” with some emotional outcry regardless of any context. But a gun is just another tool, and rationally and logically I don’t see a problem with this. You could use a gun to hunt for meat, all of which is completely just and legal, and nobody would say it’s a sin to do any of that. So I don’t see the problem.

Actually, could someone explain to me the rational argument why it’s bad / obscene / outrageous to give out guns?

I’m not getting into yet another gun quarrel.

However, there are indeed places where men fish with bows!!


Raffling. That’s where people buy a ticket for a chance to win something. They weren’t giving out guns.

Also, I fear some of you would be shocked at the people that may actually carry weapons to church. We’ve had a catholic church attacked during mass, people come in and turned over statues, screaming obscenities…unknown people come in and make scenes during services. It happens. Even the Shrine in Hanceville Al where mother Angelica lives has armed guards and yes, people carrying concealed.

It’s Kentucky … I bet no one in the area thought a thing about raffling guns. I still don’t get why everyone is so concerned.

In Poland, where I lived for a time, hunting is organized into clubs, and it is not uncommon, when the club gets together for a hunt to also have a “field mass” - which is mass, outdoors, in camouflage, with dogs and guns and other hunting gear. I don’t see that hunting or guns are incompatible with Christianity.

(And the dogs sing better than some people I know.)

Ah, should we then take the Cross down? and stop wearing them? lol

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