Baptist doctrine

Many Baptist would agree that orthodox christian doctrines are in error. Confession, infant baptism, real presence, scripture and tradition as authorative, etc are all heretical from the original christian doctrines in their view.

Viewing christian history in its entirety i don’t understand how this stance can be verified historically.

Which stance? All of them? The stance against infant baptism, confession, the whole nine yards?

sure any of them. Doesn’t it make you wonder how all of christianity is mistaken for so long?

The Jews of Jesus’ day had a set system of beliefs, which enveloped many oral traditions and an elaborate and an hierarchy, much akin to the before mention christian history. I do not personally wonder at how it could have grown to be more and more off base from what God intended, seeing as it isn’t exactly unprecedented for God’s chosen people to get something wrong, sometimes very wrong.

Baptist is a broad theological term and can be applied to some very conservative Baptist groups (southern baptist for instance) or more liberal groups.

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