Baptist husband needs proof...


I am a cradle Catholic married to a Baptist. We have recently begun doing Bible study together (in an effort to be ecumenical), but have come to some fairly large bumps in the road-- which were to be expected. What I ask is if anyone can recommend liturature that could be understood by my Baptist husband and would explain the truth better than I can. Specifically, the origins of the Church and the Apostolic succession. My husband refutes me with no proof that the “Church” of early Cristians was the Catholic Church of today… of course that proof is what I am looking for.


Your husband is in for an “eye-opening” read. I will be praying!

*One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic *
Kenneth D. Whitehead

*The Fathers Of The Church: An Introduction To The First Christian Teachers *
Mike Aquilina

*Early Christian Writings * Translated by Maxwell Staniforth

Note: M. Staniforth is a Protestant. During my conversion process, I read this book because it was translated by a Protestant. Ironically, this little book ended up being instrumental in my conversion to Catholicism.

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